Life and Reality

You are who you think you are
Our world is what we make it out to be
Sometimes we do not know why we are here
Or what we exist for

The truth is most of us are in this cage
Unknowingly, we are suppressed and controlled
Fed with only the right information to
Keep us under tight suctiny so that
We will not fall out in line
Or we will be fired, dead.

Most of us do not accept the fact that
We can control our own destiny
We let other forces control us
Guide us, push us towards their
direction instead, to satisfy the
goals of others in the way that
they will always be above us

Why should we allow that to happen
When we have the power to control
Our own lives and influence the others?

Is it our inadquatecy or insufficiency
that is hindering us from the natural
course of our life and ultimately
our destiny?

How many of us had dreamt of changing the world
Only to let the forces sweep us aside
And disappear into the traces of the shadows
With only a tiny grey stone left on the
earth surface as a reminder of our
long lost presence.

How many of us had successfully
Left a mark of history on the human race
With books written and memoirs published
to acknowledge our legacy on this earth.

Do you want to be part of the change
Or to be changed with the rest ?
Its in your control, in your destiny
to decide your fate.

Perception and Personality

No one can be so perfect
What is beautiful to one's eyes
Can be ugly to another.

Confidence is what makes a person shine
She knows no matter how the world looks at her
She knows that she is beautiful.
And she accepts the way she is.

Our personality is built
By how the world views us
How they praise us for our talents
How they critise us for our flaws.

We let their words affect us
And it can be for the better
or it can be detrimental.

What most of us don't realise
is that we can change the way
how others look at us by building
our own personality.

Just tell yourself today
"This is the way i want to be"
And you will subconciously
be the person you want to be.

After all, your destiny is in your hands
Don't let others control your destiny for you.


So many things to do
So little time...

Every second, every beat
each touch, each step
Approaching death a little at a time.

Life is a revolving lantern
Memories, images, tears and pain
Happiness. joy. hope.

What do i want in this life?
A future to hold?
A masterpiece of art?
A legacy?

So many things..
So little time...

Time won't wait for you
It keeps running
You have to run ahead of time
Or it will control you.

You might just say,
I am going to do it tomorrow
next month.
next year.
and never end up doing it

And when you look back,
"Why didn't i do it?
Why did i miss the opportunity?
Why didn't i listen?"

A cursed unfulfilled life.
A life i would rather not lead.

Sweet Love
Dark Romance