The Trapped Box

In the trapped box she lay
Unable to escape from the inside
A thousand pleas go unheard
Her tears dried up in her eyes

She lay motionlessly in the inside
Where strangers would suck her blood dry
She could hardly resist their strength
She could only accept her fate.

In the trapped box she lay
Asking herself why did she
Trusted in someone that she
Dearly loved with all her heart?

She thought of the days they had
When he would cover her in kisses
And promised her the world
All she wanted was to be happy.

In the trapped box she lay
Waiting for someone to save her
She prayed silently day and night
Wishing to be loved again

She thought of her romantic
Knight in his greyish armor
Who would still truly love her
Despite there is nothing left

She was used, abused, thrown
Left to rot in the trapped box
Where she remains inside

Waiting for the day, the day
For him, for him; to save, to save
Her sanity, her sanity; before, before
She dies.


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